Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reaction to Rejection

(pictures can be enlarged by, get this, clicking them)

I’m not a very suave person. I often say things, realize how awkward what I’ve just said is, and then try to unsuccessfully backtrack.

A few days ago, I was on the train with a fellow writer—my good friend Dennis—going to a film festival and then a playwright meeting in the city. Dennis is a super talented writer and actor, and we’ve worked together before. He’s acted in things I’ve directed, he’s directed things I’ve written, and recently, we both submitted pieces to the Sam French festival of plays.

Then, this conversation happened.

My mouth moves quicker than my brain.

But on a serious note, congrats to the two plays from THREE MONOS ENSEMBLE that got into the festival. Dennis and Julian, your productions are going to kick ass. UNTIL I SABOTAGE THEM HAHAHAHEVillaugh!!!!1!!1!i!

Many questions. Or three.


"Blog With Pictars" brings up many questions.

A) What is this?

B) Why don't you learn to spell you fucking motherfucker?

C) A/S/L?

My answers:

A) It's sort of a webcomic. With words. And less artistry.

B) I can spell! I ONLY CHOOSE NOT TO. See, this is how I spell fish: "ghoti."

C) ;) ;) ;P

I can't draw worth a shit. I'm not even very good at MS Paint. I'm even worst at Paintbrush for Macs. So, naturally, I'll be using Paintbrush for Macs to Illustrate this. Simply put, it's a blog with pictars. Look at the URL, I'm being honest.

So yeah. I'm Patrick Shand. This is me:

Contrary to what that pictar would have you believe, I have a body. Here, take a look.

I know, sexy. Please, those currently wearing pants, please try to keep them on. There are predators outside and I want you to be safe.

This blog will chronicle the awkward moments of my life (see image above). So if you like awkwardness, things that don't suck, terrible pictures that do suck, and or the word "phallus" (teehee) then this is the place for you. Favorite it. Facebook it. Tweet it, even.